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The Stoystown Volunteer Fire Company is always looking for dedicated volunteers to join our ranks.  If you have the interest in contributing to the safety of the Community, we'd love to meet you. 

Joining the Fire Company doesn't necessarily mean having to serve as a firefighter.  We have a lot of very important responsibilities for all of our members.  A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to be able to effectively protect and serve the Community. Fundraisers, public safety education, and simple maintenance and upkeep of the fire apparatus and property are all everyday tasks that we must perform in order to be ready at a moments notice in case of an emergency. 

There are different membership categories within the Fire Company that may be of interest to you.  We have a group of dedicated Firefighters and EMT’s who respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to various types of Fire and Rescue incidents.  Our Firefighters respond to approximately 200 emergency calls each year. 

We also have personnel who are strictly interested in Emergency Medical Services.  These individuals respond to all QRS (ambulance assist) and vehicle accident calls at all hours of the day on an all-volunteer basis to render care to the sick and injured. 

 There are also Fire Police personnel who assist with Traffic & Crowd control at the scenes of an emergency.  This allows our personnel to safely operate and concentrate on providing services to those in need.  If you don't want to get involved with firefighting or ems care, we can always use more people to keep us safe.

On top of all the Firefighting, Rescue, EMS, and Fire Police work, there is still the business end of the Fire Company that must be operated.  Much like any business, we have a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer who oversees the business and financial operations of the Company.  Balancing checkbooks, paying bills, and dealing with other paperwork are all the responsibilities of the completely volunteer Administrative Staff.  If you have interest in this type of work, we've got plenty for you to do!

If you need training for any of the above tasks, DON'T WORRY!  No experience necessary -- We'll pay for everything.  All we need is your dedication.  It requires true commitment, however the rewards gained from the personal satisfaction you receive makes it well worth the effort.

Remember, our funding is raised by our volunteers.  These volunteers are also the ones we count on to help you in the time of need.  We can always use more.




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